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Our Laundry Cabinets are all made from high moisture resistant board (HMR) and have adjustable plastic legs reducing the possibility of water damage to the cabinetry. Laminate tops, Q Stone, Essa Stone and Caesar Stone Tops Benchtop or Corian Acrylic Benchtops with integrated sinks are all possible with our custom designed and custom made laundries.

The Laundry Cabinets Doors/Panel can come in a wide range of finishes/styles. You may want to check out these useful links Polytec Melamine Door/Panels & Vinyl Wrapped Doors/Panels. We have an extensive range of accessories for the laundry

like pullout or fold-down ironing boards, hanging rails and hooks for ironed or drying clothes, pullout laundry baskets, and drawer dividers and buckets for detergents and cloths which fit under the laundry tub.

Cabinetz has vast experience in laundry design in Mandurah & surrounding areas depending on your budget. This frequently used workspace can be transformed into a pleasurable more workable workspace. Either use the same finishes as the adjoining kitchen or just remodel the space to be more efficient. We have all the accessories including pull-down ironing boards and pullout baskets. Your domestic wish is our command! We can help you create a beautiful laundry room with the highest grade materials and according to your budget!

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