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All About Cabinet Doors

Do your Cabinet Doors look worn out? Does it look old already? Or your it makes your kitchen look so outdated that it actually looks like it came from the previous era?

Let Cabinetz completely transform the look of your Kitchen or any spaces that requires a cabinet that is truly stylish and unique! The style of the cabinet door you choose for your kitchen sets the tone for the style of your space. Certain types lend themselves to more modern interiors while others go towards a more country vibe. It’s best to determine what style you are aiming for and then pick your cabinet door style.

We only use the highest grade material which is sure to last a long time. We can fully customize a style that best fits your preferred dimensions and needs.  Quality is the main goal we have on Cabinetz, as one of Mandurah’s Best Cabinet Makers, we always take pride in our works and projects. We’re confident our cabinet door will last for decades and that you’re getting the most for your money. 

You can keep in touch with us so we can schedule an appointment regarding the quote and measurements. 

Square Edge (ABS)

Contemporary and smart, with sleek lines and stylish cuts, our square edge and flat panel kitchen cupboard door offering has something for everyone – from the most budget conscious to those seeking the latest technology in innovative surfaces.


Offering a combination of affordability and design, thermolaminated doors are available in a vast range of textures, colours and door profiles, allowing you to select a combination of each to easily reflect your personal style. From sleek, contemporary minimalistic designs, to the more traditional look of country style cabinet doors, our range of thermolaminated doors offer a profile option for any aesthetic brief.


Painted and Lacquered Cupboard Doors

Our range of painted doors are manufactured using a technologically advances 2-Pac polyurethane paint, which results in a surface that is easy to clean and has an extraordinary resistance to moisture. Available in a range of sophisticated door profile options, from elegant contemporary simplicity, to rich colonial character shaped doors, the painted door range is further complemented by capping and moulding options which allow a unique design statement.

Aluminium Framed Door

We have a number of  Available slimline, wide, or shadowline door profiles available. These are further complemented by an array of glass inserts, which include Frosted, Starphire White, Mirror or Clear options.