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3D Design

3D Design

Our 3D Design Software now gives you the opportunity to see your dream project in 3D render prior to any work taking place.

3D is used in a wide range of fields, including engineering, architecture, entertainment, film, special effects, game development, and commercial advertising.

At Cabinetz we can provide you a 3D design model with our in house 3D Software.

Not happy with a cabinet? Maybe you would rather choose drawers than doors? With just a click of a button we can change the design or colors in seconds. Undecided on doors or the panel colour? How about the size and dimensions?

Again we can change them in seconds with no FUSS!

Our 3D Software gives us the chance to change these quick time, to help speed up the decisions before we start with any manufacturing. 

Cabinetz remains innovative in giving you the best designs before we do any actual installation for your home or commercial spaces. We have made several renovations all around Mandurah and they are all happy with the results. We had numerous clients who wanted a renovation for their home and also we renovated some business or commercial areas as well. 

Call us now and set an appointment with one of the best cabinet maker in Mandurah, Western Australia. 

3d design